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General Information


NAMEPLATES offers a complete design and art department to help transform your ideas into a clear, detailed nameplate or label. Upon receipt of an order, and at your specification, we will gladly send you a photographic proof of your nameplate or label before actual production begins.



Epoxy finishes are resistant to abrasion and solvents, but are susceptible to fading caused by ultraviolet sunlight.

Acrylic finishes resist solvents and sunlight but are generally not as hard as epoxy surfaces.Both epoxy and acrylic finishes can be provided in glossyor matte appearance.

LABELS On all laminated labels the customer has a choice of either a glossy or matte finish.


Square or rectangular nameplates or labels can be made inall sizes without requiring any special tooling. However, ifyou need any unusual shape or require close tolerances,tooling may be required. Over the years we have developedan inventory of many dies for both metal nameplates andlabels, so frequently we can supply the tooling you need atno additional charge. In those cases where tooling isrequired and we do not have the stock die we will need tocharge for tooling. This charge, however, will be made onyour first order only.



Mechanical methods involving applications by screws or rivets are used where permanence takes priority over convenience. Mounting holes of nearly any size can be placed anywhere on the nameplate that your needs require.

LABELS All labels are supplied with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive backs.

Adhesive descriptions are on page 15 of this catalog.


There are four important factors in nameplate pricing:

  • quantity
  • size
  • number of colors
  • mounting methods

(i.e., use of adhesive, or number and size of holes for mechanical mounting).


There are many minor items that are generally unspecified in purchase orders that we receive. Examples of such items are tolerances, existence of registration marks and surface scratches. In regard to these and other matters, NAMEPLATES abides by industry standards as specified by GPI (National Association of Graphic and Products Identification Manufacturers, Inc). An abridged copy of these standards will be sent to you free, upon request.