News & Events

New Graphic Arts Computer System and Software
June 12, 2012 On or about June 12, 2012 Nameplates acquired a new graphic arts computer system and cutting edge software packages...

400 Watt Laser
October 11, 2011
St Paul Stamp Works has acquired a state of the art 400 watt laser cutter.

Lean Manufacturing
August 12, 2009
Lean manufacturing aids in the reduction of lead times at St. Paul Stamp Works, Inc

New Digital Equipment
December 19, 2008
St. Paul Stamp obtains new large format printer

Next Generation
November 29, 2006
Jim Mellgren, St. Paul Stamp Works fifth generation family member, is elected to the Board of Directors

Information on Model and Serial Plates
If you are thinking of finding out more about model and serial plates, you have come to the right place. These plates are used by many different businesses in order for them to easily keep track of everything that they manufacture.

Artcraft Nameplate & Stencil Acquisition
April 25, 2003
Artcraft Nameplate, centrally located in Kansas City MO, was acquired on April 25, 2003...

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