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When Are Lexan Labels Your Best Label Choice?
Lexan labels are made of polycarbonate, a special type of thermoplastic polymer which are used for a variety of applications. Polycarbonates because of their distinct durability and strength find many applications.

How Vinyl Labels Can Help with Marketing and Advertising
Marketing and advertising have served a critical role in the business world. A company needs to promote their products and services to potential buyers not only to increase their sales and maximize profits, but also to build good reputation.

How Artistic Can Your Etched Signs Be?
Etched signs are commonly used by companies and establishments because of its known durability and its professional appearance. They are available in different metals such as aluminium, copper, bronze and stainless steel.

Do Etched Plaques Really Help Boost Employee Morale?
Employee morale is very essential to the success of any business. A Glassdoor site study revealed that more than 80% of employees feel motivated to maintain or improve their good work when they feel appreciated and valued for their work and effort.

Where Not to Use Aluminum Foil Labels
As we are aware a lot of products and appliances in the market nowadays are made of aluminium. This is for the simple reason that aluminium is a material that is very versatile and cost effective.

Other Uses of Military Style Dog Tags Outside of the Service
Military dog tags are primarily used for the identification of dead and severely wounded soldiers in the army, navy, and air force. They have important personal and medical information about the soldiers.

Destructible Vinyl Labels: How Can Your Company Use These?
One of the commonly used labels by companies is destructible vinyl labels. These labels are attached to company assets and cannot be removed without being destroyed. These are conventionally used to deter property theft and tampering but can serve ot

How a Polyester Label is Made
Polyester labels are ideal for a variety of labelling application needs across a wide range of industries. These are commonly used in food and product labelling, medical equipment tagging, and electronic labelling.

Where Companies Usually Use Lexan Labels
Also called polycarbonate labels, Lexan labels are used by many companies for many different things. While these tags are generally versatile and can be used in many different applications, there are some rather common uses these tags find themselves

Creating Unique Brand Tags for Products with the Use of Military Style Dog Tags
All you need to do is to find ways to use these that are attention worthy and that way, you can help increase your revenues with something as simple as a dog tag.

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