3 Primary Uses of Barcode and UID Plates

Barcode and UID PlateYou’ve seen these on so many things and yet, you may not really know what these are used for. You might know one of the uses of barcode and UID plates, and that is for when you purchase something. You do see these being run through an optical scanner, and this in turn results in the conclusion of a sale. But, did you know that these are actually used for more than just your purchases and this particular use is just typically the tip of the iceberg, so to speak?

These codes come in many variants, with some that are capable of holding only a small amount of data, such as the price of an item and the number of similar items that are still in stock. Other variants can actually hold a lot of data, and this is dependent on the kind of code that is being used. More-often-than-not, codes that are chock-full of data are those that are called 2D codes, or those that you see are in the shape of a square and come in different patterns. These are often seen used for electronic stuff.

To help you understand what other uses we are talking about, here are some of the more commonly seen uses of barcodes and UID plates or labels:

  • For inventory and tracking purposes – these barcodes are often seen used by businesses to help them keep track of their inventory and assets. Sometimes attached to asset tags, these codes are scanned before information is added to the scanned code. This will help whoever is doing the inventory or tracking of assets to find out important data about the item this tag is sticking to when they scan this particular tag again in the future. Their scanner will show them when the item was purchased, when it was first scanned, what its shelf life is, and other similar important details.
  • For maintenance tracking needs - these tags can also be used to help businesses stay on top of their equipment maintenance needs. Tags that carry these codes can serve similar purposes as inventory and asset tags, but in a way that is helpful for machinery and equipment, like maintenance schedules and such. An alert can be set in order to inform maintenance personnel that one of the company’s machinery or equipment is scheduled for preventive maintenance. Once the deed has been done, these tags can then be scanned again and a new schedule for the next maintenance encoded and an alert set.
  • For theft prevention – did you know that you can actually have barcodes and UID labels made with the use destructible vinyl? If you want your tags to do more than just help you keep track of inventory and to help you deter theft, then this is the kind of barcoded tag you need. Simply attach these difficult to remove tags onto your company’s assets and it can help you not only keep track of it during inventory taking, but also helps keep people from trying to steal these items since the tag falls apart when someone tries to remove it. It will leave behind telltale signs of the tag via the small pieces that are rather difficult and time consuming to remove.

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