4 Things to Consider When Choosing Labels and Decals

Labels and Decals

When you have a business, or are planning on putting up a business, one of the things you need to have are labels or decals. These are needed by your products, if you are selling products that you either produce or resell, and are also needed by your equipment. Labels are not just for when you manufacture or produce products, but are also for your inventory and asset tracking needs.

Since these come in many guises, you will need to decide on a few things before you have these made. For starters, you will need to find out what kinds of labels and stickers your business will need. Will you require barcodes on these? Will these be exposed to harsh conditions? Will these need blank spaces or should all of the elements on these be printed?

Here are some of the major decisions you have to make when choosing from a list of labels and decals for your company:

Material – this is probably the first thing you need to consider since this will be the base of your labels and tags. You can choose from many types that will include paper, vinyl, aluminum foil, and polyester, to mention a few. Consider the usage and exposure of your tags before picking a material type and consider your budget for your labels as well, since not all materials cost the same.

Printing Method – are you looking for labels that have raised details on them? How about multiple colors? Do you require tags that do not “bleed” when exposed to moisture? There are many ways for labels to be marked, with some options longer lasting and more resilient than others. You can choose from a list that may include digital printing, laser printing, silk screening, and stamping, to name a few.

Purpose – of course, you will need to determine what each label type is for. Most companies need more than one since these tags are often used for different things. Some are used for inventory and asset tracking, others for branding, a few more for promotional purposes, and still a few more for theft prevention.

Budget – this is one of the things that can narrow down your selection since not all tags are created equal and with the same cost to their production. You may need to change your choices for some of the things that you have already picked for your tags if your budget won’t allow for it, so it might be a good idea to take note of the cost of certain features for these tags (those mentioned earlier like material, and printing method are part of these) before you place your order.

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