5 Distinctive Features of Decorative Trim Plates

Decorative Trim PlatesIf you’ve heard of decorative trim plates, then you know what these are for. These are used for many things, and these include branding as well as decorative purposes. The reason why these are great for these uses is due to the features that these metal nameplates have.

What are the features that make these rather distinct from other plates that are used for similar reasons? Here are 5 of those features that make such plates a better choice for your needs than others:

  • Decorative Value – as the name implies, these plates are decorative and can be used for both branding and decorative purposes at the same time. Think in terms of nameplates that are used to tag items that are known for having brands emblazoned on them, like big name brands such as Louis Vuitton and Coach. These have tags attached to the bags that they manufacture, and these tags are made out of metal. These are used for both branding and decorative purposes, since people see that these add some decorative element to the item it is on.
  • Durability – since these tags are made using metal, these are rather tough and difficult to damage or deface. The metals that are often used to create these tags are those that are rust and tarnish proof, which adds to the durability of the plate.
  • Versatility – these tags, as earlier mentioned, can be used for almost anything. You can use these to brand items with. You can use these to decorate them with. You can also use these for creating giveaways that can help with marketing. The versatility of these tags stem from the fact that these can be made in any shape, design, color, and metal you choose to use.
  • Ease of Mounting – did you know that when you order these tags, you can actually choose what mounting method to use with these? If you want to use screws, you can have holes pre-drilled into them. You can also use these holes to attach these tags to an item via rivets. Don’t want your tags to have holes? You can always choose to go with adhesives and there are a number of these you can choose from too. These include heavy duty adhesives that make it difficult to remove the tags from whatever you stick these to, and adhesives that can make these metal nameplates reusable.
  • Totally Customizable – one of the best features of these tags is the customization options that you can use on these. Want a bigger tag? That can be done. Want one with multiple colors? That can also be arranged? How about embossed and rather intricate decorations? You can also have your manufacturer do this for you. Simply choose from the many marking options you are presented with and the many colors that come with these marking options, plus the sizing choices that you have, and you can create decorative trim plates for just about any purpose you have, be it commercial, industrial, or personal

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