5 Industries That Use Scales and Dials

Scales and DialsYou’ve seen this on many different things and in many different places. These can be customized according to what that particular entity needs, and can carry words, numbers, many colors, and designs on them. These can be as elaborate and as multi-use as they can be, or as simple as they come. To help you understand more about these scales and dials, and the many kinds of businesses that use them, here are some of the industries that actually use these in many different ways.

Oil and Gas Industries – did you know that these industries are actually some of the biggest users of these measuring instruments? Some of the gauges and measuring plates that you will see these industries have customized for their use include pressure gauges, differential gauges, altitude gauges, pressure and temperature dials, thermometers, hydraulic meters, and many more.

Power Generation Industry – your electricity provider is also a huge user of scales and dials, and one prime example of such a scale or dial being used by this industry is your electricity meter. Other items that they have customized for this particular industry include process gauges, pressure transmitters, color coded gauges, pressure switches, and many more.

Sanitary Industry – this is the industry that takes care of your sewage and your garbage, among other things. And like other industries, the entities that belong to this industry need these measuring tools for many different things. They use gauges for panel monitoring needs, temperature and pressure gauges, vapor or gas thermometers, infrared thermometers, and other similar measuring tools.

Pharmaceutical Industry – making medicines, researching for new cures, and creating supplements are just a few of the things that the pharmaceutical companies of the world do. They also need gauges, meters, and other measuring tools that use scales and dials to help them accomplish these tasks. Some of the ones that they frequently use include thermometers, pressure gauges, test gauges, and so on.

Water industry – the water that flows through your pipes and out of your sewage system is managed by those in the water industry and waste water industry. The former and the latter need different kinds of dials and scales to help them do their jobs well, and these include meters that help measure the amount of water that tanks have, gauges that tell how strong the pressure of the water is, scales that show just how much water a consumer has already used, and so on.

These are just a few of the many industries that use these measuring tools. Other types of businesses and companies that use these and have these customized include petrochemical companies, plumbing companies, entities that specialize in hydraulics, commercial businesses, and many, many more. 

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