Advantages of Using Etched Nameplates for Your Business

BY Rowena Taylor

Etched Nameplates

When you need nameplates for your business, you will often find yourself facing numerous options that include a wide variety of marking mediums. The plates you can choose from include embossed plates, printed plates, and etched nameplates, to name but a few. Etched plates are considered one of the more popular metal nameplates around, and there a few good reasons for this.

To help you understand what exactly these plates are and why numerous businesses opt to use such nameplates for their tagging needs, let us first understand what etching is. Etching is a marking medium that uses a mordant, otherwise known as acids, to eat into the material that is being used for these plates, in this case, metal plates. Etching can also be done on glass, and with the use of stronger acids, or with the help of abrasives.

When you etch metals, as well as other materials that can be marked with this particular marking method, you will need to cover some parts to protect these from the acid. You will also need to leave some parts exposed to the mordant in order for this to eat away at the material. What results is raised and recessed parts that comprise the design of the plate that is being created.

When you decide to choose etched nameplates for your various needs, you will find that such a choice is a money saver. This is because of the fact that etching is a very durable form of marking, and this is also because of the fact that the design is eaten into the metal. This means that the designs of your metal nameplates will be rather difficult to deface or vandalize due to the raised and recessed parts that come from using such a marking medium.

Aside from the durability of etched nameplates, you will also find that these are great plates to use when you require intricate details to be added to your nameplates. Etching is known to be a great marking choice when your designs are rather elaborate. Since the latest technology in etching allows for the finest of details to be accurately added to your metal nameplates, companies opt for this particular type of marking when they need such details to show on these plates.

Also worth noting when you are enumerating the advantages of etched nameplates is that you can choose to have these painted in, or not. Since the metal clearly shows the design on it due to the raised and recessed parts on the plate, painting these in is seldom required. If you really want your designs to stand out, however, painting in these tags is a good idea. You can easily give these tags the kind of eye-catching, attention-grabbing appeal that you want these to have.

So, where can you actually use these etched nameplates? There are actually quite a number of applications where such plates are deemed ideal. You will find that these can be used for branding purposes, for model and serial number plate creation, for badge creation, and for other similar purposes. Since these plates are highly customizable, the limits as to where these can be utilized is actually left up to your imagination, and your inherent use for these plates, of course.

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