Benefits of Using Barcodes and UID Plates and Tags

Barcodes and UID Plates and TagsIf you have an extensive inventory and if your business has quite a number of assets that needs to be kept track of, it might be a good idea for you to use barcodes or UID codes on your asset tags. Using barcodes and UID plates or tags for your inventory and tracking needs gives you quite a number of benefits, and these include the following:

  • Human error is eliminated – people can easily make mistakes, and having a manual tracking system for inventory and your company’s assets may open you up to losses due to human error. When you have barcodes on your inventory and asset tags, you reduce the chances of an item not being tracked since it is easy to do so with the use of a portable scanner.
  • Extensive training is NOT needed when you have a system that uses barcodes – you won’t have to extensively train people to do your inventory and tracking tasks since all they need to do is to point the portable scanner at the barcode and update information on the screen, and they are done. This cuts on the time needed for training and reduces any downtime associated with training.
  • Barcodes are versatile and can be used for anything – since these are made out of materials that can be easily attached to any item with the use of an adhesive, these can be used to track just about anything a company owns. These can be used on heavy equipment, electronics, on retail items, and even consumables that the company has.
  • Tracking and maintenance becomes easier and more systematic – the use of barcoded tags help make tracking and maintenance easier because you will find that when you scan these tags whether or not any maintenance for the said items are scheduled for some time in the near future. After scanning everything after an inventory and tracking run, you will also find out whether something is missing since your data will show you whether or not you missed something during your scan.
  • Information is obtained faster and can be more detailed – when you use barcodes and UID plates for your inventory and tracking requirements, you will find that any information you need to get regarding the things you are checking can be easily obtained with a single click of the portable scanner’s button. You can also add a lot of details regarding the item in question with the use of a computer, which is something you cannot do with an ordinary tag or a small label that does not have a barcode on it.

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