Can You Use Promotional Plates for the Holidays?

Promotional Plate Holiday IdeasIf you are wondering whether or not promotional plates can be used for the holidays, we can easily answer that question. And the answer is yes. These plates can actually be used for the holidays and in a variety of ways too. How, you may ask? Well, here are some great examples that you may just want to try yourself.

Tree decorations – you can actually use these plates for the creation of decorations that will go on trees in homes everywhere. You can have these made using thin aluminum or bronze, and you can have these marked using a variety of marking methods. One method that may prove to be rather ideal for such a project is etching. You can have your company’s name engraved in rather intricate and fancy fonts into these metal plates, then have these plates shaped into the usual shapes used for tree decorations. Add some fancy scrollwork and you have amazing looking decorations that also double as promotional items.

Metal gift boxes – remember those tins of candy or cookies that people usually give as gifts during the holiday season? You can have these made for your company and have these filled with goodies, which you can hand out as promotional gifts to clients, employees, and so on. You can have these decorated with printed scenes of merriment that is reminiscent of the holiday season, and have your company name or logo added into the design for the marketing and promotional requirements of your business.

Promotional giveaways – as always, since the holiday season is always a time for giving, why not give out promotional items with your company’s name or logo on these, for marketing as well as goodwill purposes. There are many items that can be crafted using metal plates that can be used for gift giving and promotional giveaway purposes. Keychains, business card holders, ashtrays, pen holders, and canisters, are just a few of the items you can utilize in this capacity.

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