Custom Tags: Personalization Options and Ideas

BY Rowena Taylor

Custom TagsWhen you order custom tags, you will be presented with a multitude of options for customization. What these options are will depend on which manufacturer you choose to work with. Some of the manufacturers that you will find online may even have apps or portals that allow you to design your tags on them, having you see what these tags will look like even before you click on the order button.

More often than not, these manufacturers have the same options for you however, there are some who do have more offerings than most. Some have more material choices than others while a few have more printing options. Here are some personalization options that most manufacturers have though:

Material choices – some manufacturers offer only one kind of material (polyester or vinyl) while others offer more than one. There are also some who offer a wide variety of options for the materials that you may need and this may include those that can be used in harsh conditions, like metal and plastic. Some may also exclude rather commonplace materials from their list of options, such as cardboard and paper, in order to concentrate more on tags that are more durable and are ideal for very specific applications.

Marking choices – the options you will find being offered to you by these custom tag makers will often revolve around the kinds of materials that they have for these tags. After all, why would they offer a printing method ideal for a particular material when they don’t have that material on their list of options, right? If the company is offering mostly metal tags, then it is most likely that the marking choices you will find on their list are those that are ideal for use on metal, like embossing, stamping and etching.

Mounting choices – as with marking choices, mounting choices will also depend on what kind of materials are being offered for the creation of these custom tags. More and more manufacturers are offering a wide variety of adhesives for these, with some ideal for use with rather harsh conditions, and others even ideal for use with high heat and extreme cold. When adhesives are not ideal for use with the tags that are needed, options such as rivets and screws may also be made available. This will often depend on the manufacturer in question.

When you need to find out whether a manufacturer can totally customize a tag for you, which means making tags from a material that is not available on their list and with other options that may not be on their list as well, you will find that such businesses do have hotlines for you to contact. You can talk with an expert on the other line for their special rates and options for what you need, and you just might find them being able to create customized tags that are not on their catalogs but are able to create for you anyway.

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