Customizing Military Style Dog Tags for Various Occasions

Custom Military Style Dog TagsCustomized dog tags are usually used as accessories by those who have these personalized. What some people may not realize is that you can actually do more with these tags than to have your name etched into it for your own personal use. You can actually have these specially made for various occasions, like for weddings, birthdays, and events that your company or organization is holding.

To give you an example, here are some ideas that you might want to look into when thinking of using custom military style dog tags for such joyous happenings:

For Birthdays – if you are having a military themed birthday party, where you ask people to come dressed as a person in uniform, you can have special dog tags made with their names on them. This can serve as introductory tags for those who just met that day and as souvenirs for your celebration as well. You can have these made using aluminum and you can have these carry the day of your celebration, and your name on it. A blank area that you can stamp with the use of hand-held stamps can be where you will put your guest’s name.

For Weddings – another memorable event that can benefit from a unique souvenir such as these customized dog tags is your wedding. You can use anodized aluminum for this and have your couple picture printed onto one side of these tags, and your wedding date on the other side. You can also have your favorite quote printed onto another tag, and have these attached to a key chain so that people can use these tags and remember your big day constantly.

For Company Events – tags that are made for company events can carry printed on information about the event itself on one tag, and have the company’s brand or logo on the other. These can also be placed on a keychain for constant use, which will help for brand recognition, and is great as giveaways for events like tradeshows, product launches, and the like.

For Conventions – if you are a business that specializes in holding conventions in different states for whatever reason you may have, it might be a great idea to give out these custom tags at each event to give people some token of attendance for their participation. This can also come in the form of a keychain, or if you want, a bag-tag that has a destructible vinyl sticker in the back where the person can fill in details. They can then attach this tag to their bags for identification purposes after or during the event.

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