Different Features You Can Add to Your Inventory and Asset Tags

Inventory and Asset TagsInventory and asset tags are essential to every business. It is what helps you keep track of everything your company owns, everything your business sells, and everything that needs to be maintained in your facility. It is also what lets you know when something is missing, something needs repairing, and when new items are added to your inventory.

To help you do all of these, these tags need to have features that are made to help with tracking, recording, checking, and theft prevention. Here are some of the features that people include when they order customized inventory and asset tags for their business:

  • Numbering – this is the most basic of all tracking features that you can have on your tags, and can consist of as little as 3 numbers to as many as can be accommodated on your tags (the most is usually 12). These numbers help you keep track of each item since a unique numerical unit is assigned to each label or tag that is made for your business, which is then assigned to an individual item.
  • Barcode – for those who want to be able to scan each tag with a portable optical scanner, a machine readable code is often added to the tag. These are just like the numbering feature, only with a barcode added to it. Each item will be assigned a unique barcode, and each code, when scanned with your handheld scanner during inventory runs, will show you details about the item in question. These details include such information as when this was purchased, when maintenance is needed, when the last maintenance was made, who the item is assigned to, and many more.
  • Company name and logo – this is often added to the tags that are made for many companies in order to let people know who owns the item it is attached to. This is one way to help stop theft since these will be seen by people, especially if the tags say “Property Of” at the top. These tags can also be made with the use of a special material that leaves behind residue which tells people that the item has been tampered with. This material, which is a destructible type of vinyl, will fall apart when someone attempts to remove the inventory and asset tag that is made out of this from the item in question.

These are just a few of the features people often add to their tags. Other features that are also requested when these are being ordered include blank spaces for writing, color coding, and holes for riveting of metal tags to items so that these cannot be removed easily.

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