Different Kinds of Labels and Decals

Labels and Decals

When you are thinking of ordering custom labels or decals, you might believe that these two are the same. That can be true in some ways, if the labels you are thinking of buying are indeed decal type ones. If you are looking for sticker type labels however, then decals are not what you need.

This is a common enough mistake and can be easily rectified with a little research. To help you out, let us first define what a sticker is and what a decal is. A sticker is a printed or illustrated label or notice that has an adhesive back. A decal on the other hand, is an illustration or design that is placed on a special type of paper which allows the design to be transferred to a smooth, clean surface, like glass or metal.

Labels can be made using any of these two. Labels can also be made using a wide variety of materials. To show you what options you have when you are thinking of having custom labels and decals made, here are some of the more popular ones:

Aluminum Foil labels – these are chosen by many companies due to the fact that it is highly resistant to heat and has a metallic look to it. These are sticker labels because these have the adhesive on the back. These kinds of labels are often used on products that are exposed to either the cold or heat.

Vinyl labels – these can either be decals or sticker type labels, depending on what is needed. More-often-than-not, people who choose vinyl labels for their needs often opt for a decal type label. This is because of the appearance of such a label and how it appears as if it is floating on the surface of the item it is adhering to.

Destructible Vinyl labels – these are made with vinyl, but are sticker type labels primarily because of the destructible feature of this item. These are used mainly for asset tags since these are used to help deter theft. When you use these kinds of labels on your company’s assets, any attempt to remove these will prove to be difficult since, as the name implies, it falls apart when it is taken off. Similar to tamper-proof labels, these leave behind evidence of removal in the form of small pieces that cannot be fully eliminated from what it is sticking to.

These are just some of the more popular types of labels and decals that can be found on the market and on items everywhere. Other types are also available, such as polyester and Lexan. To find out more about these and other labels you can use for your business, do feel free to contact us.

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