Different Types of Identification Products You Can Customize

BY Rowena Taylor

Identification Products

Identification products come in many shapes, sizes, forms, and material compositions. Some of these can be made out of metal, others made out of paper, and still a few more made out of plastic. You can also find these items used for identification purposes made out of cardboard, cloth, foil, vinyl, and polyester. There are many more materials that can be used in the creation of products that are utilized for identification needs, however in this article we will be tackling the ones that are made out of metal.

Metal identification products, otherwise known as metal nameplates by many, can be used in a variety of ways, depending of course on what information is found on these tags. For instance, if a metal nameplate carries on it info about an item’s model and serial number, along with company contact information, then these are essentially called model and serial plates. These are used to help companies identify specific models of their products as well as what manufacturing batches each item belongs to, and this in turn can help with warranties, repairs and even recalls.

There are many identification products that are made using metals, some of these are used for safety purposes, and others are even made for decorative needs. To help you see what we mean, here are some of these customizable metal plates and what they are used for:

Warning and Instructional Plates – as the name says, these are used to give warnings and instructions to those who read them. These plates are often found on heavy equipment, machinery, vehicles, and areas that pose a specific threat or danger to people. These are also used to tell people of what to do, what to wear, what not to do, and even what dangers can be found in specific areas of a facility. These can carry headers that help individuals easily understand the level of danger these tags are warning them against.

Decorative Trim Plates – these are used to add some decorative flair to items these are attached to, used as promotional products or giveaways, and even used for branding and marketing. Being decorative does not necessarily mean that these are just used for aesthetic purposes. This term can mean that these plates have decorative elements that make these look appealing to the eyes, but such plates have marketing and advertising uses due to the information that is found on them.

Schematic Plates – the information that you will find on these plates are usually technical in nature since these show people how certain machinery, electronic devices, and equipment work in terms of circuitry, energy flow, and what have you. Schematics identify the workflow of equipment and machinery in order to help people understand how these work, to show them what the proper operating procedure is, and to even help them troubleshoot such machinery should these fail due to some glitch in the system.

Barcode and UID Plates – these identification products show people what an item is either made of, when it was acquired, what it can do, and so on, with the help of a machine readable code. These codes can be read by an optical scanner, making it easier to find out more about an item than when you put a label on it. These codes will enable you to find out a lot about such items even if the tag is somewhat small and the code on it is just a fraction of an inch.

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