FAQs About Identification Products

Identification ProductsEver wonder what identification products are and what these are used for? As the name suggests, these are products used to identify, well…products, among other things. These can be used on many different items and can carry a wide variety of information on them – from product brand, to product warnings, usage instructions, price, manufacturer contact information, and many more.

To help you further understand what exactly these items are, here a few of the frequently asked questions about identification products:

What are these made of?

These are made of many different materials, and the choice of material is often dependent on what the buyer wants and needs. The material types that you can find being used to create these range from lightweight ones (paper, aluminum foil, vinyl, etc.) to thick and heavy ones (cardboard, stainless steel, bronze, etc.). The kind of material you can choose to use for your marking needs is dependent on what kinds your chosen manufacturer has for you, and what you need these for.

How do I attach these to my products or wherever I need these to be?

These identification tags can be attached to your products or items a few different ways too. You can choose your mounting method according to what you are attaching this to and for what purpose. For instance, if your product is a shirt or any textile object, you cannot attach your identification tag with adhesives since this will come off when the item is washed. You will need to either sew this on, or for some businesses, for uniqueness or for design purposes, rivet these on. Some of these tags can be attached via adhesive, rivets, screws, ties, and so on.

What can be printed onto these tags?

The kinds of information and identification details you can have printed on these tags include things as basic as the brand name or company name of the manufacturer. Some tags need to have more detailed info on them, so you can also have serial numbers, model numbers, operation info, warnings, restrictions, contact information, and even material or ingredient info on these. The limit for the things you can print on these tags is relatively endless, depending of course on the kind of tag you are thinking of having made and its size.

What sizes can these tags come in?

These tags can come in many different sizes, with some as small as an inch in height and 2 inches in width, to as big as a table top. The size is dependent on where these are to be used and for what purpose. The smaller tags are usually made to carry barcodes on them so that any information that is needed can be squeezed into the code effectively. The bigger ones, on the other hand, are used for signage, commemorative plaques, warnings and safety instructions, and more.

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