Finding Alternative Uses for Decorative Trim Plates

Decorative Trim PlatesDecorative trim plates, as featured on this site, are often seen as tags that are used for creating decorative branding tags or even contact information plates for products. While this is indeed one of its more popular uses, this is not the only thing these tags can be used for. You will notice that, as versatile as these plates are, there are actually a lot more you can do with these than just for branding and tagging needs for business.

What else can you do with these plates? Well, since these are totally customizable, the possibilities are actually quite endless. The limit is only your imagination, your budget, and what the company can do to give you the kind of plates that you need. Before you contact us to find out what customization options you have when it comes to these plates, here are some of the ideas that you might (or might not) have thought these plates can be used for.

For Customizing Wedding Giveaways – these tags can carry more than just brands or contact information for companies. You can actually have these tags carry your name and your spouse’s name, the date of your wedding, and the location and time as well. You can have these made with decorative elements (it is a decorative trim plate, after all) and then have these attached to any wedding giveaway you feel your guests will love having as keepsakes. Some ideas include metal jewelry cases, wooden cigar cases, glass blocks that can be used as paperweights, and mint carriers that have heart shaped mints in them.

For Creating Team Badges and Tags – if you want your team to have the same badge for your bags or for your caps, you might want to consider using these decorative trim plates to have them made. Since you can choose the shape, size, and the printing method used to make these, you can have these made the way you and your team or troupe wants it to be in. These can be stamped, embossed, etched, or even digitally printed. Simply ask our designers what possibilities are available to you for customization and we can help you achieve what you want.

For Making Promotional Keychains and Bag Tags – okay, so while we said that these can be used for more than just business and corporate tagging needs, you have to concede the business and corporate needs can be easily covered by these very versatile metal nameplates, especially when it comes to the creation of unique and attractive giveaways that are one of a kind. These metal plates can be made in any shape that you want, which is why creating outstanding keychains and bag tags for your company is one of the things you can do with these.

These are just a few of the ideas that we have for using decorative trim plates with. What other ideas do you have for these metal nameplates? Feel free to share your ideas with us, or contact us if you are wondering whether we can create these specially crafted plates for you.

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