How are Vinyl Labels Made?

Vinyl Labels and DecalsYou may have seen these labels and decals attached to vehicles, windows, products, and other items and wondered how these are made. Vinyl decals and labels are not exactly like sticker labels due to the fact that the adhesive part of these labels is found at the front and not at the back of the design. This means that if you are to put these on a non-transparent surface, these have to be made in reverse, and if these are to be made for a transparent surface (glass windows and the like), these have to be made the usual way.

How exactly are these vinyl labels and decals made? Here are the steps that are often used in the creation of vinyl decals and labels.

  • Designing – the first step is to design your labels or decals. You can do this yourself, or you can hire a designer to do this for you. You can also ask your label or decal manufacturer for help with this, if they have a designer on hand to do this for you.
  • Printing – your designs are then printed onto the vinyl sheet with the use of a digital printer. If your design has multiple colors, these are printed onto the base color vinyl sheet you have for your design. If your label is made out of one color, this goes directly to the third step.
  • Cutting – the designs are then cut with the use of another machine. This machine is very precise since it only cuts only until the paper that holds the sticky vinyl sheet in place. After cutting, you cannot see the cuts and the standing design of the entire vinyl decal until the next step.
  • Weeding – this is called weeding because the excess vinyl material that is not part of the design is “weeded” or removed. This is a rather critical step since it takes a careful hand and a keen eye for this to be done properly. Some companies employ a weeding machine for this, with these very precise equipment removing the excess vinyl according to the design it is fed.
  • Transferring – this part is where the weeded vinyl decals or labels are transferred to a sheet that can keep the design together. Since most vinyl decals consist of separate parts in one design, the transfer paper that is used to keep them together is essential. If the labels are not to be used immediately, the backing paper is kept in place as well and the vinyl decals or labels are delivered with both the transfer paper and backing paper attached, with the vinyl design sandwiched in the middle to keep it clean and intact.

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