How Customized Labels and Decals Can Become Collectibles

Customized Labels and DecalsMost companies order customized labels and decals primarily for their branding and tagging needs. A few order these for their promotional product creation and others have these made for when they need to have stickers and tags ready as handouts during trade shows, corporate events, and sponsored happenings. What some companies may not realize is that decals and labels can actually go beyond just being an ordinary handout. These can actually become collectibles that people will want to get their hands on.

How can you make your stickers, labels and decals into collection worthy items? It is actually pretty simple, and all you need to do is to make these into labels and decals that you actually call collectible. Here are some ideas that you might want to consider:

  • Make these in small numbers to make them rather exclusive – the reason why people collect stuff is because these are rare. If you make too many of an item, it cannot really be called something worth collecting. Of course, you should make enough for it to become popular but not too many for it to become commonplace. The idea is to make the item seem exclusive so that there will be a clamoring for it.
  • Make these in decorative and unique looking styles – don’t just stick with your regular sticker, label, or decal design. Go for something eye-catching, and worth collecting. Try to make your decals somewhat decorative so that people will want to use these even when these carry your brands on them. The reason for creating these stickers and decals anyway is for people to use these to help promote brand awareness. If you are able to do this by having people stick your decals on their stuff that other people will see, you have just succeeded in marketing your brand via other people. For this to happen, you need to make these decorative enough for people to want to use them.
  • Promote these as limited edition collectible stickers or decals – there is something about the term “limited edition” that make people want to get one for themselves. Of course, before you brand your stickers and labels with such a term, these need to be nice enough for people to want to have one. If an item is a limited edition piece but looks like crap, no one will want it, regardless of how rare or exclusive it may seem. Design a great decal first then tell people it is a limited edition collectible that is available for a short time only.

These are just a few of the ideas that you can use to make your labels and decals worth collecting and showing to others. In the end, you get people to talk about your brand, you get them to show these to others, and it helps you with promoting your products, your company, and your brand in another way.

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