How Etched Metal Plates Can Be Used for More Than Just Business

Etched Metal PlatesEtching is a marking method that has been used for ages, and is still the go to marking medium by those who want highly detailed and intricate designs to be marked permanently into metal. Etched metal plates are often used for a number of purposes, some of which include schematics, brand tags, model and serial plates, and for signs, to name but a few.

While these are indeed popular with companies, you should know that etched metal nameplates are actually usable not just in commercial and industrial applications, but also for personal needs as well. To show you some examples, here are some ideas that people have used these plates on:

Club Membership Plaques – sometimes, when you have an organization that welcomes new members rather sparingly, it is a good idea to present such new members with a token that shows they passed your organization’s stringent qualifications, and is now one of you. These plaques can be made using any metal that is tarnish and rust resistant, although bronze and brass are better choices since these have rather decorative gold and reddish gold tinges.

Recognition Badges – when a person wins a contest, the usual prize is a trophy or a medal. More-often-than-not, these are purchased at a sporting goods store and engraved with the winner’s name before it is awarded. Why not create a custom medal or badge for such awards with your club’s or organization’s emblem on it? This custom badge will help make the award more special and memorable because the group’s symbol is on it, giving it that very personal and unique touch.

Picture Plaques – if you are thinking of giving someone a unique present that not everyone would think of, then a picture plaque is something you should consider. Have your special someone’s image etched into a metal plate and mount this on a wooden frame for that added touch. You can use this idea as a wedding present for a couple you are close to (have their favorite couple picture converted to a black and white photo, then have this etched into a metal sheet). You can also use this as a present for your mom, dad, or grandparents.

Family Tree Plate – a metal plate that has the etched names of your entire family on it in a family tree design will last a lifetime. Having this made then hung in your living room will show not only visitors, but also family members, what your heritage is. You can have new nameplates etched with the names of new members attached to the tree over time, so you might want to order a big plate for this project.

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