How Inventory and Asset Tags Benefit Your Company

BY Rowena Taylor

Inventory and Asset TagsYou may have heard of inventory and asset tags before, and you may also know of their uses, but do you know of the benefits that these tags bring to your business? Some people believe that these tags are for inventory purposes only, and this is a reasonable assumption seeing as the name of the item is inventory and asset tags. What they do not know is that these tags can actually do more than just help companies keep track of their inventory. These tags can do a whole lot more than what people may think.

To start off, one of the benefits of these tags is, as the name says, to help with your inventory needs. These tags will make keeping track of whatever your company has in stock easier since you can note each item (or set of items) via the alpha-numeric coding these tags have on them. These will help you take note of which items need replenishing, which ones are still plentiful, and so on. If you want an easier way of doing inventory checking, it might be a good idea for you to add bar codes to your tags. This way, you won’t need to write down the alpha-numeric codes on these tags. All you will need will be a portable bar code scanner.

Another benefit that you will get when you use these tags is the ease in finding information about the items you are checking. This is only applicable when you have description of each item in your database, which you can then search with the use of the tracking code that you have on your list, or with the help of the bar code found on these tags. You can find out more about the item, when it was purchased, how many have been used, etc. by using the numbering and lettering codes on these inventory and asset tags.

Also worth noting is that these tags can also help deter theft, or at least help you find out when one or more of the items you have on stock is unaccounted for. For instance, if you find that a few of the numbers on your list do not have records of sales, distribution, or any other activity, chances are, these have been pilfered from your stock. You can then try to backtrack to see when these were last noted as being available in your stock room, and you can then slowly find out who was last seen within the vicinity of these stocks from that last inventory check to the latest one.

If you want a more secure type of asset tag, you might want to consider using tamper-evident or destructible type labels for this. Not only will you be able to track items easily with these tags, but you will also know if someone tried to steal any of these items since these sticker will show evidence of such.

If you are selling your stock, or are distributing this for use among workers in your company, the use of inventory and asset tags that come with barcodes will make it easier for you to not only keep track of where these items went, but also to note who and when these were distributed. For sales purposes, the use of these barcodes also make it easier for you to update your database, as well as perform a sale since a simple scan of the code on these inventory and asset tags will update your inventory information, telling you that a sale was made.

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