How to Keep Your Etched Nameplates Clean

etched nameplatesEtching is a marking method that produces deeply grooved characters. These can be letters, numbers, and even images marked into metal plates with the use of a metal-eating acid or chemical. These plates are rather great to look at, and are pretty durable, due to the method used in creating them.

What you might not realize when you first decided to order such plates to be made is that, like all things with grooves on them, dirt can find its way into these canals. If you clean your plates regularly, then you won’t have to worry about the build-up of hard-to-remove gunk in these grooves. If your nameplates are exposed to the elements and are in locations where dust and dirt are plenty (think outdoors), then you will definitely need to have a schedule set for cleaning these.

Cleaning these daily may be too much of a hassle, so setting a weekly general cleaning schedule for these may be what you need. You just need to ensure that when these are cleaned weekly, all the dirt, gunk, and grime that can be found in all the grooves of your nameplates should be addressed. You can do this with the help of a little elbow grease and simple tools as well as cleaning agents that can actually be found in your home.

One of the things you will need is a cuticle stick. You will find this being sold in the cosmetics and nail polish department of your favorite store (or you can simply swipe the one that any females in your home have). This is the tool you will use to remove any dirt, grime, and gunk found in the crevices and canals of your etched nameplates.

Another thing you will need is a mild dishwashing liquid. This you will need to dilute in some warm water. You will also need clean rags, one that you will use to apply the soapy water onto the plate and the other for wiping this off. Choose old cotton t-shirts since these do not have large fibers that may scratch the surface of your metal. Your nameplates may be made with tarnish and rust resistant metals, but these are still prone to scratches if you use rags or wiping tools that are rough. If you can, try to use micro fiber rags for this.

In cleaning your etched nameplates, try to remove as much of the gunk as you can in the grooves before you soap this down with your dishwashing solution. After the soapy rag, get back into the grooves with the cuticle stick to remove any remaining grime that may have been difficult to remove the first time. Repeat this procedure until your etched nameplates are free of dirt. Wipe down with a damp rag and follow with a dry one. To help keep your nameplates cleaner for longer, try to apply a protective coating of metal polish to this, or a laminate that helps repel dirt. 

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