Learning the Importance of Barcode and UID Plates

Barcode and UID PlatesIdentification is essential to any product, especially if there are several identical items under one particular brand. In order to make it easier to find important information about a certain product, a unique identification code or identifier, more commonly known as UID, is used. These codes are made in many different ways and symbologies, which are all used to help identify specific items.

When you go and do the groceries, you will notice that items can be easily identified because of their barcodes. Barcodes are those symbols you see with parallel lines at the back of an item. These are machine-readable data representations. Originally, barcodes were only one-dimensional or linear, but they later on evolved and became two-dimensional. Also called 2D codes, these come in other geometric patterns such as hexagons, squares, and dots. Barcode readers, which are optical scanners, are the primary readers for these codes, but currently, smartphones and desktop printers now have the capacity to read these barcodes.


A symbology is the mapping between barcodes and messages. Included in the specification of a symbology are stop and start markers into space and bars, as well as the digits or characters of the message. Right now, 2D symbologies are gaining more popularity than the linear symbologies, and the most common used are matrix codes. With the use of a laser, 2D symbologies cannot be read because there is no sweep pattern that can cover the whole symbol. To read these symbologies, image-based scanners that employ digital camera sensor technologies are the best to use.

The Department of Defense has adopted the 2D systems for the UID program. The said system expands the data collection into the operations, manufacturing, and repair environments unlike a conventional barcode. It has many uses in different areas such as in medical devices, automotive, electronics industries and defense.

More about Barcodes and UID Plates

Usually when making UID plates, the materials used are aluminum sheet and aluminum foil. Due to the enhanced durability of aluminum, it is very ideal for the creation of UID plates. This ensures that the plates will last a long period of time.

Just like any other plates, barcode plates are highly customizable. Through barcode plates, companies are able to efficiently identify various items. There are a variety of options when it comes to customizing your company’s barcode plates. This includes numbered and unnumbered plates with different sizes and colors. Sometimes, companies opt to also include custom wording, as well as their company name with the logo. Customization is often an option chosen by companies when they want specific details to be placed on their plates, like company information and special details like dual codes and such.

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