Other Shapes Dog Tags Can Come In Apart from Military Style Dog Tags

Military Style Dog TagsMilitary style dog tags are easy enough to distinguish due to their shape, which is a standard oval shape that has been used by the armed forces for a number of years. This is what most people use, and what they have customized for their many needs. Did you know however that you can actually have dog tags customized to come in other shapes, apart from the one that is used by the military?

Dog tags can be shaped in many different ways, although most people don’t really like to have these reshaped for the sole reason that they actually want these to look somewhat like the tags military personnel wear. If and when these are reshaped when being customized, the usual shape that they choose is still close to the original shape, albeit slightly different.

Military dog tags come in an oval form, with a notch on one end and no corners to speak of. You can however have this shaped more like a rectangle rather than an oval, and have the print customized as well. If you want your dog tags to look more like tags that other countries use, you might want to check out the tags that countries like Canada and Denmark use. These come in rectangular shapes with rounded corners and have a somewhat different orientation than that of US dog tags.

You can also choose to have your tags come in the form of the tags used by the Australian military, which is with one in an octagonal form and the other in a round form. Or you can opt to have your tags made into two round discs, like the old tags used by the US military before the shape was changed to a rectangular then an oval one. The choice is usually up to you, and dependent on what your chosen manufacturer can do for you in terms of creating custom shapes and prints for your tags.

If you don’t want to stray too far from the military style dog tags that people are familiar with, you can actually have tags that are made in these standard shapes but without the usual notch that official ones come with. You can also choose to have these made using other types of metals instead of the standard aluminum or stainless steel. To find out more about these dog tags, and what your customization options are, do not hesitate to get in touch with ArtCraftdiv today and we will be happy to help you with your custom dog tag needs.

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