Pros and Cons of Using Domed Labels

Domed LabelsDomed labels are great labels to use when you want people to easily notice your brand. The domed feature of these tags make whatever is printed on the label appear 3-dimensional, making people take notice of it. This doming process and look is achieved with the help of a substance called urethane, which is carefully applied to the label then allowed to dry to create that glass-like dome on top.

These are great labels to use for branding and for decorative needs, but are these labels ideal for what you require? To find out, here are some pros and cons for you to ponder:


Domed labels are eye-catching – it is indeed eye-catching because of the 3-dimensional appeal of the tag. The dome on top is also glossy, giving the label an added aesthetic value which is also great at capturing the eye of your target market. The domed top also helps make the print underneath look glossy because of the dome’s shiny finish, adding another aesthetic factor to an already great looking label.

Domed labels are durable – aside from adding a 3-dimensional look and glossy finish to a tag, the domed top of this particular type of label actually helps protect the label underneath. It also makes the tag very durable since the urethane top acts as a protector and bumper, preventing scratches, fading, and discoloration to the label underneath. These domed tops are also resistant to many chemicals, UV rays, dirt and grime, and adverse weather conditions.

Domed labels can be used for marketing purposes – these tags can actually be used for more than just branding of items. These can be used for promotional needs, since these are highly attractive tags. People often choose to stick these tags onto any items they have that are not necessarily products manufactured by the brand on the tag, and this is simply because domed labels look really attractive. These can be handed out as domed stickers that people can use on anything, or even as domed refrigerator magnets that can help with brand awareness and brand familiarity. These can also be made into badges or pins that can also be attached to anything that can hold such items, like caps, shirts, and cloth bags.

Domed labels are self-healing – scratches, small dents, and abrasions heal over time with these labels, making them look as good as new without the need for you to do anything. This is because of the special resin used to create these domed tops, which “heal” over these cuts, scratches, and abrasions, as long as the damage is not too extensive or deep.


There are probably only a couple of cons that you can associate with domed labels, and these are their bulky nature and the fact that you cannot use these in high-heat environments. Aside from these, domed tags are actually great tags to consider for many applications.

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