The Importance of Model and Serial Plates for Your Business

Model and Serial PlateIf you are a business that has products that come in many variants and configurations, then you need model and serial plates for these. Such metal nameplates can help you keep track of every single kind of item you have, when these were made, what batch these belong to, and so on. The importance of these plates comes in your ability to easily discern these details at first glance, and finding out certain aspects associated with the item as well as the batch it was made with.

These plates will enable you to find out whether a defect or damage is inherent among a specific batch of items. If you get numerous reports of the same nature about an item and these were all made on the same date or are of one particular type, then you can judge with certainty that the entire batch may be defective and can easily issue a recall. This not only helps protect your company from possible lawsuits, but also protects your consumers from accidents and danger.

Aside from tracking purposes when it comes to defective items, these plates can also assist you when it comes to troubleshooting and repair needs. When you have numerous products being sold on a regular basis, it can be somewhat confusing for your technical support staff to give out repair and troubleshooting instructions if they do not know what make and model item they are being asked about. With the help of a model and serial number plate, you can easily locate repair and troubleshooting instructions that pertain to that specific item and teach callers what to do without much trouble.

These plates are also used to track whether or not all of the items that are being sold by retailers have been purchased by consumers. These plates can also help tell you when these were purchased, and by who. This will enable you to find out when a warranty becomes active and whether or not this warranty is still usable when a buyer calls for a replacement, repair or return.

This just shows you that model and serial plates are indeed important to a business, and if used properly, can help with inventory and tracking purposes, customer service needs, and even when recall is needed. These can also help in marketing and advertising since these plates do carry your company’s name, logo, and contact information. When someone sees how well your products perform, they may check the metal nameplate that carries your contact information on it (which is your model and serial plate), and get in touch with you for their orders or inquiries.  

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