The Many Different Uses of Polyester Labels

BY Rowena Taylor

Polyester Labels - Mylar Labels

Polyester labels are considered by many companies for their labeling needs mainly due to the fact that these are very versatile. Another reason why these labels are popular among those who use them is the durability. Also worth noting is that polyester labels are waterproof.

With these various qualities, you can then easily understand why polyester is a popular material for label making, and not just for clothing. These qualities give it the versatility that is needed for different kinds of applications. These also give it the strength to withstand certain rough and tough conditions, making it ideal for use indoors as well as outdoors.

Where are these polyester labels often used? Here are some examples:

Bumper Stickers – these are essentially large labels that are crafted either for marketing purposes or as a product itself. Bumper stickers can carry your company’s name, logo, slogan and mascot on it and these can be attached to any vehicle, be it a motorcycle, a car or what-have-you. These can also be made to carry funny slogans or even helpful ones, like Baby On Board or Careful, New Driver, among other things. Since these labels or stickers are waterproof and can also withstand UV rays, these can last a long time outdoors without deteriorating or falling off.

Chemical and Hazardous Material Labels – these can also be used to mark drums, bottles, cans, and other containers that may carry hazardous materials and chemicals. Since these labels are highly durable, these can withstand exposure to these substances. Should these hazardous liquids or materials spill onto these labels, you can rest assured that these will stay intact and remain useful since these are hardy enough to survive such a situation.

Freezer Pack Labels – if you need a label that will remain on anything that is frozen, then polyester labels are what you need. These can withstand freezing temperatures as well, and with the right kind of adhesive, you can be sure that these will remain on the item it is attached to even when this is frozen solid. You simply need a printing method that can also withstand such extreme temperatures in order for your labels to remain as useful as when you first attached these to your items.

Shipping Labels – when shipping items, with the rough handling that these may suffer at times, there is a possibility that tearing and scratching may occur. Not with polyester labels. When you choose this kind of a label for your shipping and mailing needs, you won’t have to worry about these tearing or getting scratched since these are durable enough to hold up to rough handling and conditions. With the right kind of adhesive, you can be sure these labels will stay on and will be legible enough for those who need to know where the items these are attached to need to be shipped or delivered.

Barcoded Product Labels – if you need labels that will remain legible even after shipping, being exposed to cold temperatures and moistures, and are generally for POS use, then you should choose to create tags or product labels that carry barcodes with the use of polyester material. These labels will last the trip from your manufacturing plant, to the outlet where these are sold, to the machine that scans these codes when it is being sold, to the home of whoever purchased the item – while remaining totally intact.

These are but a few of the uses of polyester labels. With their versatility and durability, you can actually find a lot of other uses for these, like outdoor signs, marketing stickers, drum labels, and even personalized stickers for special occasions and events. Simply choose the size, color, and printing method, and you can have a durable and reliable label made out of polyester for whatever your needs are.

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