What are Promotional Plates?

BY Rowena Taylor

Promotional PlatesThere are many different kinds of metal nameplates being used by numerous industries for their varying needs, and one of these is the promotional plate. As the name implies, promotional plates are used for promotional purposes, and this can actually cover quite a lot of ground. For starters, “promotional” means to publicize or make people aware of in order to increase sales. This definition alone shows you that these plates can be used in many different ways for the purpose of increasing sales as well as awareness of a product or a brand.

In using these plates, your main goal is to get your brand, product, company, or organization recognized. This can be done in many ways with these plates, and here are some examples:

Branding tags – promotional plates can actually be used as branding tags on your products, and these can be made using any type of metal, as long as these are corrosion and tarnish resistant. Some of the more popular metals used for the creation of these plates include aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, and brass. These can be attached to your products via rivets, screws, or adhesives, depending on the kind of product you are sticking these on.

Giveaways – you can actually create plates that are both promotional as well as functional on their own. Some companies use these as giveaways or gifts during special occasions, events and during the holidays. Some of the more commonly crafted items made out of metal, and are used for promotional purposes, include refrigerator magnets, rulers, coasters, ashtrays, pen holders and cigarette cases. You can also have these tags made separately and have these attached to special items you wish to give out as giveaways during the holiday season. Some of the items you can attach these on for giveaway purposes include leather planners, briefcases, pen and pencil holders, and even bookends.

Business Cards – did you know that you can actually have business cards made out of metal? Simply choose metal sheets that are thin enough for such a purpose, have these printed on (or stamped, or embossed) with your details, cut these into business card sizes, and voila! You now have business cards that are not only durable, but are also unique and fashionable. These cards won’t be thrown out that easily since these won’t deteriorate or tatter despite how long it has been kept in someone’s wallet.

Discount Cards – if you do not want to hand out plastic or cardboard discount cards to your clients, you can have these made using metal. Aluminum is a good choice since it is durable but not that expensive. You can have details stamped, printed, or embossed on these cards. These can even be used as VIP cards, if you wanted to give your clients a distinctive looking card for their special needs.

These are just a few of the ideas you can use with promotional plates. More often than not, these plates are used for branding, but since you can use these for brand recognition and marketing, these can go beyond just mere branding tools. You can use these as decorative pieces attached to baseball caps, as tags on awards and prizes, can create keytags with these attached to chains, and many more.

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