What Can be Customized on Scales and Dials?

BY Rowena Taylor

Scales and DialsWhen you are asked by your company to customize your scales and dials, probably one of the things you will think to customize is what is written on these things. You are right in thinking that the dial and scale elements on these are indeed parts that need to be customized however, these are not the only parts that need customization. There are a lot of other parts that can be customized on these metal tags.

To give you an idea, here are some of the customizable parts of these things:

Metals Used – these scales and dials are usually crafted using metals, and the usual metals that you can choose from are those that are not only impervious to tarnish and rust, but also rather resistant to the effects of heat and cold. Some of the metals you can choose to use for your custom dials and scales include stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze.

Since all of these metals are rust-proof, and tarnish resistant, you can be sure that these will last a long time even when exposed to certain harsh elements and conditions. What you choose will ultimately depend on what kind of look you want your scales and dials to have, as well as where these are to be used, since different metals have different tolerance levels for heat, cold, and other corrosive substances.

Scale and dial elements – when you customize these things, you will need to choose the kinds of measurement units you will use on these, how many scales or dials are to be placed on each one, and other similar options. You might have to decide on whether these should have double, or even triple scales on them, and whether these should have measurements for heat, pressure, coldness, and so on.

Shape and size – while most scales and dials are made round, since these are often used with instruments that are round (pressure gauges, heat gauges, etc.), there are some that can come in rectangular, square or other shapes. The size is also customizable since not all measuring equipment are made in the same size. You will have to know these details before you can order your customized scales and dials.

Copy and graphics – if you are a company selling gauges and meters for various purposes, or if you are selling products that have these gauges on them, you will need to have your company name, logo, and address on these customized pieces. You can have your logo printed on these scales and dials, along with your company name and contact information. You can also choose to be minimalistic with what is on the face of these measuring plates and gauges by simply having your company name on it, and the rest of the information placed elsewhere.

Meter and gauge colors used – while majority of these gauges use easy-to-understand colors for measuring heat, cold, pressure, and the like, you can choose to customize yours to be different from the others, if this is your wish. More often than not however, the usual colors of green, yellow, and red, are used to indicate the different levels of heat or pressure so that people don’t have to guess which color indicates danger and high heat or pressure.

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