What to Put on Your Inventory and Asset Tags

Inventory and Asset TagsWhen companies need to keep track of their assets and inventory, the most likely tool they will use is the inventory and asset tag. This tag can come in many shapes, and sizes, and can be made using a variety of materials. Some of the materials used in the creation of these tags include thin and lightweight ones, like aluminum foil, paper, and even polyester. Some companies also choose to use thicker and sturdier materials, like stainless steel metal and bronze, when the item being tagged is exposed to harsh elements

One of the questions people often have to answer when they are putting together an inventory and asset management program is “What do I put on my asset tags?” The answer to this question may vary from one company to another and with good reason. This is because different companies have different inventory and asset tracking needs, with some need to keep track of not only items that their employees use but also of items that need to be periodically maintained (like machinery and equipment) and items that run out after some time (like printer ink cartridges, reams of paper, etc.).

When you are contemplating what to put on these tags, it might be a good idea to have a separate tagging system for hardware and for consumables. For instance, if your company needs to keep track of the issuance, maintenance, and repair of equipment like computers, printers, and the like, these should have tags made specifically for these. These tags should have fields that are made especially for use with such items, like maintenance and repair schedule spaces, acquisition and issuance date, and other similar spaces. These tags can be made with materials that can be written on, like paper, aluminum foil, and polyester. Consumables can carry destructible vinyl tags (to prevent theft) that have the item number on it, so as to easily keep track of these without too much fanfare.

For tags that are to go on heavy equipment, and are there solely for tracking purposes, you should consider using metal tags that you can stamp with an alphanumeric sequence. To ensure that people know these equipment belong to your company, you can have these tags printed with your company’s name and contact information. This will also help you locate your items quickly, should these be stolen or lost since these will have your company tags on them. To make these difficult to remove, consider having these riveted onto these items.

Another thing you can consider putting on your asset and inventory tags is a barcode. Barcodes help you easily keep track of inventory with the use of a portable scanning device. This will also enable you to make detailed lists of items that your company considers as assets, and to find out a lot of things about a particular item with the use of only a small tag.

The choice of what information to put on these tags is dependent on your preference as well as your needs. To find out more about inventory and asset tags, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly have an expert discuss with you your options for these. 

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