When to Choose Domed Labels for Your Labeling Needs

Domed LabelsOne of the labels that you can choose to use for your branding needs is the domed label. What this is, is a label that has a clear domed top that creates an illusion that the tag is 3-dimensional since it makes the printed label underneath pop. The dome that is placed on top of the printed label underneath is made out of clear urethane, which is a durable material that can withstand somewhat rough conditions. It helps protect the label beneath from damage that may be caused by moisture, abrasions, and other similar elements.

When you need to choose a type of label for your business, this is one of the choices you have. When is it ideal for you to choose this particular kind of label? How do you determine if your product or brand will benefit from this type of a tag?

Domed labels can actually be used by many different entities for many different reasons. There are just some applications that won’t suit these tags, like those where tags are exposed to high heat or where the product it will be attached to generates heat. You should know when it is ideal for you to use domed tags and when these are not ideal for your needs. Here are some examples of when these tags are a great choice for your business:

When your labels are very colorful and eye-catching – make your tags and brand stand out all the more by having these domed. The doming process will create not only a protective covering that will help keep your tags’ colors sharp, but will also make these look 3-dimensional. This process will also help create a shiny surface for your label, giving it a sheen that you won’t get from other kinds of tags.

When you need your labels to be protected from fading and abrasions – since the urethane dome that goes on top of your labels is thick and made out of very durable material, once you stick your labels to the surface of your products, you have a tag that is protected from fading and scratches. The domed top helps keep the design intact underneath and also keeps it from getting scratched.  Also, when you scratch the top of the domed label, it actually self-heals, going back into place over a period of time.

When you need an eye-catching tag to help with brand familiarity and recognition – one of the reasons why people choose this kind of a label for their promotional needs is due to the fact that it does capture the eye of the beholder. This is because of the sheen of the dome, and the added oomph of the 3-dimensional look of the brand underneath. 

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