Where Should You Use Photosensitive Plates?

Photosensitive PlatesPhotosensitive plates, sometimes called metal photo plates, are used for many different things. Some of these are for personal reasons, others for industrial uses, and still a few more are for commercial needs. The reason why this particular metal nameplate can be used across many industries and for many purposes is due to its versatility and the many things that you can do with it. It can also carry rather detailed designs and information on it, and in choices of all black or colored variants too.

To help you further understand the many uses of these plates, here are some of the more common ones:

  • Photo and Image plates – as the name implies, these plates can actually be used to carry images of people and things the same way a photograph does. The only difference would be that these are not on photographic paper but are on aluminum plates. These images can be used for many different things, like for souvenirs, for commemorative plates, for awards, and even for special gifts.
  • Instructional plates – these photosensitive plates can also be used to instruct people of certain procedures or steps needed to properly operate machinery or equipment. Aside from instructions for these, plates made out of anodized aluminum and imprinted with the use of photosensitizing, can also be used to tell people that certain restrictions are in order, what the weight limit of a certain object is, and many more.
  • Decorative trim – plates that carry decorative elements, like scrollwork, printed designs, and other aesthetic elements can be used as decorative trim plates. These plates can be used to add an aesthetic quality to an item, or can be used as a decorative piece by itself. These plates can also be used to decorate items like metal business card holders, cigar and cigarette holders, jewelry cases, and many more.
  • Warning plates – you can also use photosensitizing to mark metal plates that are used to warn people of dangers. Since these can be made in colorful guises, you can have warning and instructional plates made using this marking method. You can be sure that these warning plates won’t fade soon since these have a protective layer over the top of the print due to the use of anodized aluminum.
  • Signs and markings – you can use this to mark walls and to show people where they are or where they might want to go. These can be used to create signs, although you can only use these to create signage that is not subject to the strict rules and regulations of the ADA.

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