Why Aluminum Plates are Great for the Creation of Nameplates

BY Rowena Taylor

Aluminum PlatesWhen you go to choose what material to use for the creation of your nameplates, one of the options you will find yourself being presented with is aluminum. Aluminum plates come in many different thicknesses and can be shaped as well as sized according to what your needs are. These plates are also highly malleable and can be printed on using a wide variety of printing methods.

Why are aluminum plates often seen on the list of materials that are being offered when you need to have nameplates made? And why are these considered one of the best options to use for such a need? There are actually many good reasons why this particular metal is considered an ideal material for use with nameplate making. Aside from the aforementioned advantages, here are a few more:

Aluminum is tarnish and corrosion resistant – if you need metal nameplates that can withstand the rough conditions that these are to be exposed to, such as sunlight, rain, snow, dirt, grime, and chemicals, then these need to be resistant to these to a certain degree. Aluminum is just that. It can survive exposure to the UV rays of sunlight, the moisture of rain and snow, the dulling effects of dirt and grime, and even the corrosive properties of certain chemicals. Aluminum is also rust resistant so you won’t have to worry about your metal plate slowly being eaten away by such a problem.

Aluminum is very light – if you need a metal that is lightweight, then aluminum is what you need. Aluminum plates are very light and can be easily mounted on walls and doors with the use of adhesives and even Velcro backing tape. Other metals can be rather heavy, requiring the use of screws and rivets for mounting. If you do not want to put holes into walls or doors to mount your metal plates with, then aluminum is what you should choose since these can be mounted without the need for these heavy duty hardware.

Aluminum is cheap – being one of the most abundant metals around has its merits, and one such merit is in the form of price. You can have aluminum plates made for a fraction of the cost of other plates made using other types of metals or materials. Not only do you get a quality metal for your nameplate creation needs, but you also get to do so without breaking the bank.

Aluminum can be marked in many different ways – you can actually create your designs on these plates in many different ways. You can choose to have these stamped, engraved, etched, painted on, silkscreened, anodized, printed on, and many more. You can even hand stamp these yourself, if you want to, since these are very malleable. You can also choose to have these marked with the use of a marking methods called stonewear, and can even create domed labels from these. This means that aluminum plates are very versatile, and this kind of metal is one that you can craft into almost any type of nameplate.

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