Why Choose Vinyl Labels Over Paper Labels?

BY Rowena Taylor

Vinyl Labels and StickersIf you look around you, vinyl labels are actually everywhere. You can actually see these being used on numerous products, and for many different reasons. While vinyl is sometimes considered to be slightly more expensive that paper or cardboard labels, the reasons why these should be chosen over paper labels, or even cardboard ones, override the slight rise in cost. Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely consider using vinyl labels over paper ones:

Durability – vinyl is actually short for polyvinylchloride, which is a plastic. Since plastic is rather durable in many ways (it is water-proof, does not tear easily, can withstand cold temperatures, and sometimes a reasonable amount of heat), it is a good choice for label-making, specifically when these labels are to be exposed to certain conditions, such as moisture, constant handling, and the like. These are also somewhat chemical resistant, which means it can be exposed safely to such substances like acetone, diesel, oils, and alcohol, to name but a few.

Versatility – vinyl labels are great for many things. Some of these are used in the creation of bumper stickers, some are used for window decals, and still a few more are used for decorating room walls. These can be made as small or as big as you want, and can be cut into almost any shape you want as well. The versatility of vinyl labels when compared to paper stickers comes from the fact that these can be used almost anywhere, and these do not warp or get easily destroyed. These can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and will retain their shape, color, and design in both instances.

Easy to Apply, Easy to Remove – vinyl is also easy to apply, and when attached to whatever it should adhere to, are more attractive to look at than paper labels since these give you the impression that these are “floating” on the surface of the item or location. When you need to remove these labels or stickers, these are also easier to take off and leave no residue behind, making these great for when you need to create seasonal labels or tags for certain locales. These are also great for marketing purposes, when you need to put vinyl tags on your windows for certain events or marketing campaigns. Since these are easier to remove than paper stickers, these will indeed be great for such a purpose, leaving behind no sticky or dirty looking residue that you need to scrape off.

These are just some of the advantages you get when using vinyl labels. You will find that, even when these actually cost a bit more than paper, these do last longer, can be customized more than paper, and are essentially cost effective. When you say cost effective, this does not mean cheaper but more like you getting your money’s worth. So, vinyl labels are worth what you spend when compared with paper labels, which are slightly lower costing but are not as versatile, durable or easy to apply and remove.

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