Why Warning and Instructional Plates are Essential to Your Facility

BY Rowena Taylor

Warning and Instructional Plates

Ever wonder why so many companies use warning and instructional plates for their places of business? Do you think you should also have these metal nameplates in or around your facility? Why is it a good idea to have these informative plates in your establishment and why do a huge number of industries consider these plates essential?

Warning and instructional plates are basically smaller signs that tell you what to do, what not to do, what to avoid, and other rather important details that help keep you safe. These plates are usually found attached to machinery, equipment, and areas that present a certain amount of danger to people. The main reason for the use of these plates is essentially for safety, and that is why these are considered important by many businesses.

What you can often find on these plates are warnings which tell people what kind of dangers are present, be it with the use of a particular piece of equipment, a tool, a vehicle of some sort, or simply for being within a general area. Some of the common dangers you will find yourself being warned about when it comes to these plates include electrocution dangers, pinch point hazards, hot surfaces, and sharp edges.

Each type of danger comes with a specific header that can be used to help people realize from the get-go what kind of hazard they might encounter with these things. The header that tells you of the worst kinds of dangers involved with equipment, and areas, you are about to use, or enter, is Danger. This particular header indicates that if you do not take proper precautions, you will find yourself facing the imminent threat of very serious injuries, or even worse, death,

Warning is another header that indicates that rather hazardous consequences may befall you if you do not practice safety measures. This header can warn of possible injuries, or even death. Caution is also another header that is used with warning and instructional plates, and this tells of hazardous situations that may cause minor injuries if care is not taken. The header that does not foretell of hazardous situations, but still indicates that people should follow what is stated underneath it is Notice. This particular header should never, ever be used with signs or plates that are to be used to warn about very dangerous conditions since this does not have the proper sense of urgency that other headers come with.

These plates are not only used for warning people of hazards. As the name implies, these are also used to inform people of what needs to be done, what should not be done, and what steps need to be followed for proper operation. When these are used as instructional plates, you can either list down in proper sequence how things should be done in order to avoid dangers occurring, or damage to the equipment happening. These plates can also be used to tell people what kind of safety gear needs to be worn when operating certain machinery, or when they are in a rather danger prone area. You can also find these telling you what to do in case of emergencies.

In short, these warning and instructional plates are used for many different reasons. You can use these to tell people not to enter an area without specific gear, what kind of voltage a particular machine comes with, and even what kind of steps you should undertake in order to avoid injuring yourself or the people you work with. These are just some of the reasons why these plates are considered essential by many businesses and industries, and should also be considered important by you.

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